TrueCrypt MSP's Partnering With AlertBoot Owing To Recent Full Disk Encryption Controversy

The announcement by TrueCrypt's anonymous creators forced Managed Service Providers to scramble for substitute encryption that is robust and reliable while possessing technological permanence and not being disruptive to businesses operations. MSPs are finding AlertBoot's managed encryption and fast sales cycle to be a promising alternative to TrueCrypt, especially as MSPs' clients are becoming aware of the cloud's significant benefits.


LAS VEGAS, NV -- (PR Newswire – June 17, 2014) -- Managed Service Providers (MSP) searching for a TrueCrypt alternative are approaching AlertBoot and finding the NIST-validated, partner-friendly full disk encryption solution enhances MSPs' businesses with its fast sales cycle.


The unanticipated shutdown of TrueCrypt – the open-source, non-validated software – left MSP's unable to offer encryption solutions to new customers and wondering if existing relationships are now negatively affected. Many MSPs realized in retrospect that, despite its reputation, TrueCrypt had a number of irregularities and shortcomings.


"TrueCrypt has been a force to be reckoned with," noted Tim Maliyil, CEO and founder of AlertBoot. "Government agencies around the world have testified in court that they're unable to crack it. In certain cases, defendants were threatened with jail time for not revealing TrueCrypt passwords. Undoubtedly, such stories enhanced TrueCrypt's reputation. Of course, MSP's noticed small problems here and there long before the recent controversy, although these problems weren't related to security."


Maliyil refers to essential attributes lacking in TrueCrypt that turn a solution into a viable MSP offering:

  • Validation – While AlertBoot's encryption core is FIPS 140-2 validated by NIST, TrueCrypt's provenance is still unknown. Plans to audit it only started in 2013 and the process is still ongoing. Providers now face potential liabilities due to the legal status of TrueCrypt.
  • Enterprise Deployment & Management – AlertBoot pioneered the installation of endpoint encryption via the internet, using a cloud-based console for the deployment and ensuing endpoint management. TrueCrypt, lacking natively built-in enterprise deployment, required expertise to properly distribute in the enterprise.
  • Key Backup & Recovery – Backing up encryption keys is a best practice when it comes to implementing encryption. AlertBoot does this automatically, matching each key to its corresponding device. The manual process under TrueCrypt was a potential nightmare for MSPs.
  • Reporting – In the current legal environment, a company must document the use of encryption or face the consequences during an unscheduled audit or when a device is lost or stolen . TrueCrypt lacked automated reporting. AlertBoot automatically keeps a log history of a device's encryption status, and the last date it synched with the cloud.
  • Remote Lock and Data Wipe - Remotely lock a computer or make its data completely inaccessible.
  • Password Policy Management - Ensure adherence of proper password lengths and complexity


In addition, MSPs may be interested in the following AlertBoot partnership advantages:

  • Fast sales cycle. Partners note that AlertBoot's cloud-based platform shortens the sales cycle, from months to weeks – or even hours. The fast, initial sale opens the doors to future services.
  • Fast Deployment. Reflecting the AlertBoot "On-Demand Encryption" philosophy, MSPs can start securing clients' devices within minutes of signing up.
  • No Quotas. AlertBoot welcomes selling as little as one license.
  • Aggressive Margins. Discounted pricing, combined with AlertBoot's lowest "Total Cost of Ownership," means significant profits to resellers, MSP’s, VAR’s, and others.


There are even more benefits to the AlertBoot security suite of products. MSPs and others interested in finding out more about AlertBoot, please contact


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