AlertBoot Integrates Apple Mac OS X FileVault 2 Encryption Management

AlertBoot Data Security has integrated into its cloud-based laptop disk encryption and smart device management console the ability to deploy and control FileVault 2 full disk encryption on Apple Macintosh computers. The new addition makes AlertBoot the most complete data‑at-rest encryption solution for companies that have a diverse device profile in the workplace.


LAS VEGAS, NV -- (PR Newswire – June 12, 2014) -- Apple Macintosh computer users are now able to encrypt and manage their devices using AlertBoot, a leading provider of cloud-based mobile device management and managed full disk encryption (FDE) services. With this latest addition, clients of the managed encryption provider are able to protect and manage, via a single web-based console, Windows-based computers, Apple computers, iPhones, iPads, and Android OS-based smart phones and tablets.


"This is an exciting day. I'm very proud of what my technical team has achieved in order to further the AlertBoot security horizon," said Tim Maliyil, founder and CEO of AlertBoot. "While Macs constitute a minority in the overall computer market, their popularity in certain sectors translates as significant incursions into the workplace, including the finance, medical, and legal sectors. We’re seeing many customers who come to us looking to make their Macs verifiably compliant and meet their HIPAA-HITECH, SOX, and other data security compliance needs. Clients who encrypt Mac computers under the AlertBoot umbrella will appreciate the extra features incorporated into our cloud-based solution, like powerful reporting, encryption key and recovery key backup and management, and remote installation."


The latest AlertBoot addition makes use of FileVault 2, Apple's FIPS 140-2 compliant FDE software included with OS X versions Lion (10.7) and upwards. Using the encryption software native to all modern Macintosh computers, AlertBoot is able to:

  • Remotely wipe encrypted machines.
  • Back up encryption keys to the AlertBoot cloud, preventing the loss of data and preparing for other contingencies.
  • Allow multiple users to share the same encrypted computer with their own unique passwords.
  • Provide cloud-based management and key escrow of FileVault 2 protected machines, an exclusive AlertBoot feature.


For certain businesses, the greatest advantage in using AlertBoot to manage FileVault 2 lies in legislative and regulatory compliance: In addition to employing encryption to protect sensitive data, regulations generally stipulate that an entity demonstrate documented evidence of encryption use. This requires the setup of a centralized server that will automatically log such information.


AlertBoot already incorporates such necessary features into its managed encryption service, as well as automatically backing up encryption keys in geographically distributed locations for added security, a best practice under NIST cryptographic guidelines used to obtain official FIPS 140-2 validation.


The addition of Mac OS X FileVault 2 management into AlertBoot extends the solution’s security reach, which already incorporates Windows operating system machines, Android OS, and iOS for iPhones, iPads, and iPad minis. AlertBoot is the only managed system from which an administrator can control multiple device platforms, ensuring a single, unified experience for users who seek a more efficient and streamlined method to deploy, install, and track devices with sensitive data.


For additional information about AlertBoot and its cloud-based, managed mobile security and encryption service, please visit:

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