Prevent data leaks with AlertBoot Port Control

What would stop one of your employees from downloading valuable customer and corporate data assets onto their music player or USB key and taking it out of the office? If there is a data breach, your organization will likely pay the price — both financially and publicly.

Hardware Port Blocking and Access Control

AlertBoot Port Control controls a user's ability to transfer data to removable devices and drives that are not authorized for use with company machines. AlertBoot Port Control is configured from AlertBoot Central's management console and synchronized with devices remotely for easy configuration, deployment, and reporting of policies for auditing compliance.

Control access to devices and drives

AlertBoot Port Control prevents unauthorized use of serial, parallel and other ports and controls access to CD-R of DVD-R drives

  • USB ports (USB keys, personal music players, external hard drives, PDAs)
  • Serial ports (PDAs, old communication devices)
  • Parallel ports (Printers, old communication devices)
  • FirWire (external hard drives, personal music players, PDAs)
  • IrDA® (Infrared receivers, handheld portables, cell phones, cameras)
  • CD-R/DVD-R (burning data on CDs or DVDs)

Selective access control based on device classes, brand, and ID

Extended features of Port Control allow an organization to adapt the security control policies to accomodate new devices or ports. Organizations can also discriminate between "good" and "bad" devices based on the devices classes, brand, and ID. This allows organizations to continue to use selective USB tokens or keys that are approved for use while excludig the use of other devices on that USB port.

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